Let’s face it, no one gets into music for the fame and glory, we do the things we do because we love doing them and find it the best way to express ourselves.  We are always happy to be involved in a project as much or as little as the artist needs.  Being musicians ourselves, we are able to jump onto an instrument and help out with a part or develop an idea. We also restring guitars, tune drums and make a mean cup of tea. Not only do we boast a wide range of instruments from guitars, drums to brass, keys and percussion but we also have 20 years of playing and performing experience.  


We understand that artist budgets are not what they used to be.  It’s important for an artist to be as efficient as possible with their recording time, while still maintaining quality. These days, most artists have a reasonable understanding of home recording and we are always happy to give technical advice or a different perspective to ensure we capture the best performance. Many bands we work with track parts and ideas at home and bring them in for reamping.  Reamping in a studio environment helps to bring character, depth and harmonic content to a sound, which helps it to sit more evenly in a mix.  

Technical Stuff

An instrument’s tone and character on a recording is more than just its direct signal.  Tone comes from the way the instrument interacts with the microphones and mic pres in the recording space.  We have a comprehensive list of both analog and digital equipment but you can geek out about that in the equipment section.  Plus, we’re total equipment geeks, so just we’re happy to recommend gear to help you achieve your sound.

Want to know more?

Contact us for a friendly chat about your recording requirements.

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